Valentine’s Day is always a special time to share love and show appreciation to your spouse, children, friends, and loved ones. But while you and your family enjoy this holiday, there are many people in the community who are overlooked or don’t have someone special to share Valentine’s Day with.

This is where you can teach your children a valuable lesson about spreading love to others who are in need. While you help your kids put together their DIY Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates and friends, take a few more minutes to make some extra cards for people who might be lonely during this holiday.

Perhaps you can show love by bringing cards to the elderly in an assisted living facility. As some of the most overlooked members of society, the elderly are often in need of love more than anyone. Seeing a child and getting a simple Valentine’s Day card will brighten their day, and can even cause them to physically feel better.

A few other places you could bring Valentine’s Day cards to are hospitals, homeless shelters, or other nonprofits. If you prefer to not bring your children to these locations, you can always arrange to send cards to the organization for them to distribute. Maybe you can recruit additional families to help make cards so you can reach even more people.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing romantic love, and you can use this occasion to teach your kids about caring for others. Continue this
tradition every year, and maybe your children will go into adulthood remembering that their love can touch many lives in the community.

Easy DIY Candy Boxes


  • Assorted cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Baker’s twine, washi tape, or ribbon
  • Box templates (download PDF)

Download and print box templates. You can print it directly on the back of your cardstock, or print it on regular paper and trace it with a pencil. Cut along the edges with scissors, and use the ruler to help you make the folds. Assemble the box, and use the glue stick to help secure it.

Fill the box with your favorite candies and trinkets, and a special hand-written note for your valentine. Close the top folds of the box and secure with a dab of glue.

Personalize and embellish your boxes using cutouts from the remaining cardstock or stickers. Finish by securing with baker’s twine, washi tape, or ribbon.

Using different colors and patterns of cardstock can make this DIY adaptable for any holiday or occasion!