What do you see when you look at a child with a life limiting illness or disability? The answer may very well depend on your personal struggles with pain and suffering, and what you perceive as normal.

For families whose children are differently abled, or who are faced with a disease that may take this child from them, perceptions become redefi ned almost daily in this new reality of life.

The tiny face that held his parent’s hopes and dreams on the day he was born may now look very different than what was planned for or imagined. The love of a parent may see no difference or limitation that love may see only the beauty found in the soul.

Daily sustenance for families with children with serious illnesses and special needs are hope, courage and strength. There is an organization that recognizes the beauty of these children and seeks to make a difference for their families. The Sweet Nectar Society began when Brittany Wilbur was faced with her own daughter’s unknown health struggles. Through her own journey came the desire to make a difference in the lives of other families with similar struggles. She saw their little ones through her own unique lens: photography.

Brittany shared her vision with fellow photographer Carrie Anne Miranda, and together their vision became reality. Their mission is to capture a message of love, hope and courage through photography. They give families the precious gift of tangible memories.

While working with families, the photographers of

Sweet Nectar Society are also raising awareness of childhood illnesses and disabilities by telling their stories on the organization’s website.

The organization has chosen the hummingbird as a symbol to represent who they are and whom they serve. Citing that the hummingbird is thought of as a symbol of love, joy and beauty, and that despite its small size it is able to accomplish great feats. Legends say that the hummingbird floats free of time, teaching us to enjoy the sweetness in life, just as it enjoys the sweet nectar of flowers.

The Sweet Nectar Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that combines the talent of a team of photographers to provide comfort to families through cost-free photography sessions. They believe these priceless images provide hope, courage and strength in a time when every moment is precious. These children are their “Sweeties.” Their work is now expanding to help provide meals to families of children who are hospitalized through the “Sweet Eats” program.

These children are sweet reminders that life is precious and that each of us is a beautiful gift to someone. Please join them at their Color of Life Gala on Friday, June 20 at The Loft in Fresno. We encourage you to visit the Sweet Nectar Society website, to see children through the eyes of love at www.sweetnectarsociety.org.

If you have a child with special needs, or have questions about services for children with special needs in the Central Valley, please contact Central Valley Regional Center at any of our three offices.

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